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Discovering Healthy Relationships -  For children and adolescents who have experienced serious family conflict
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How Does Family Conflict affect Children?
Children exposed to violence in the home live with fear and anxiety waiting for the next violent episode to occur. Research has shown that while some children show overt signs (Such as aggression and/or depression) of their family conflict, other children display less obvious adjustment difficulties (such as inappropriate attitudes about violence and/or poor problem solving skills) Children in both situations can benefit from a program specifically designed to meet their needs.
What is the Intervention Program?
The program includes both individual and group counselling for children from pre-school age through adolescence. Providing an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings An understanding that they are not at fault  A strength based approach

Topics include:

Problem solving skills

Healthy ways to handle feelings such as anger

Healthy ways to deal with stress

Healthy/unhealthy ways to Communicate (assertiveness vs. aggression)

Dealing with conflict

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