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PEACE Program

A program for children and youth who have experienced serious family conflict

The Developing Healthy Relationships program includes individual and group counselling for children from pre-school age up to 19 years of age. It is a strengths-based approach where children learn to understand that they are not at fault. The program is designed to:

  • Dispels common myths surrounding family violence and marital abuse
  • Provides a non-threatening environment to talk about feelings, and help teach healthy ways to express anger, hurt, fear, and other difficult feelings
  • It Lets children know that they are not alone, and helps them share their feelings with others experiencing similar situations
  • Defines abuse and lets children know their rights
  • Teaches problem-solving and coping skills
  • Identifies the causes and effects of conflict

How does family conflict affect children?

Children exposed to violence in the home often live with fear and/or anxiety waiting for the next violent episode to occur. Research shows that some children show overt signs of family conflict, such as aggression and/or depression, and other children display less obvious adjustment difficulties, such as inappropriate attitudes about violence and/or poor problem-solving skills. Children in both situations can benefit from a program specifically designed to meet their needs.

Program topics include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Healthy ways to handle feelings, like anger
  • How to manage emotions
  • Healthy ways to deal with stress
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Healthy and unhealthy ways to communicate
  • Dealing with conflict.

To set up an appointment

Phone: 250-632-8787

Text: 250-279-0546


We also provide information to caregivers, give presentations to the community on the effects of exposure to domestic violence, and provide school-based educational activities designed to prevent violence.

There is no cost to access this program and all our employees observe strict confidentiality guidelines.