Food Share

Food Recovery & Distribution

Food Share is a food recovery program that collects perishable food from our local grocery stores that would otherwise be disposed of, and redistributes it to those in need. Community donations are very important to this program to help purchase additional food, and pay for operating costs like rent.

The program is available to:

  • low income individuals and families (ex. on social assistance, E.I., or experiencing hardship
  • Residents of Haisla nation and Kitimat
  • Individuals and their dependent children

There is no cost to access, and all our employees observe strict confidentiality guidelines.

Food Share seeks to assist those in need while supporting independence and dignity for individuals and families while reducing the amount of food waste in our community. We also assist community agencies, local schools, and individuals by connecting resources available and distributing on an as needed basis.

Items available depend on what is received from the grocery stores, which changes daily. Commonly available foods include:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • bakery items
  • prepared entrees and sandwiches
  • milk products
  • eggs

We are open Mon-Fri, excluding statutory holidays from 10am-12pm, located in the lower level of City Centre Mall, across from Scotia bank.