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ḡuláli Childcare Centre

Our Philosophy

ḡuláli Childcare Centre is part of the Tamitik Status of Women Association (TSW). At ḡuláli, we recognize that children learn best through play and exploration, when they are given a multitude of options; to engage, watch, listen, and try for themselves.

We offer a play-based, child-centered program based on the fundamentals of:

  1. Child Development:
    We acknowledge the children and their individual development needs and stages to
    provide the basis for daily programming, schedule, and curriculum.
  2. Early Childhood Education:
    As educators, we recognize that development and learning occur in 5 areas:
    physical, intellectual, language/communication, social, and emotional. We consider each child’s unique
    needs and learning styles to create an enjoyable educational experience that is relevant, meaningful, and
  3. Image of the Child:
    We believe that ensuring and encouraging the children have a positive self-image and
    strong sense of self-worth is a vital part of the learning process. A child needs to see themselves as
    capable, competent, and significant; knowing their existence is worthwhile. Therefore, we strive to ensure
    daycare is a place filled with respect, compassion, and positive reinforcement.
  4. Inclusion:
    Our program welcomes and encourages the participation of children and families of all
    backgrounds, abilities, and walks of life. We believe that children benefit greatly from a program where
    they can learn and interact in a diverse, non-judgmental environment that is free from discrimination.


Our environment promotes learning through play, which allows children to experience the world and learn in a
way that best suits their unique learning styles. Activities are planned for large groups, small groups, and
individuals, in an interactive and inclusive approach. We also give children the space where they can freely
explore, encouraging social skills and independence. We want our children to experience a warm and
welcoming atmosphere, where they can feel safe and secure, and enjoy being there every day.


ḡuláli Childcare Centre hopes to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
Daytime/Regular hours are 7 am – 6 pm.
Overnight/Extended care hours are 6 pm – 7 am.


Infant Toddler (Group Child Care under 36 months) (12 daytime spaces)
3-5 (Group Child Care 30 Months to School Age) (16 daytime, 8 overnight spaces)
School Age Group Child Care (12 daytime spaces, 12 overnight spaces)


Please use the following link for access. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact 250-632-8787 or